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  • New Collaboration

    Hello! It's been a long time and for that I am sorry - but also not surprised - I told you writing consistent blog posts was not my thing! So much has happened since I last wrote a post. I bought a house, lived through two more lock downs, went slightly mad, had a lot of glasses of wine in the bath and tried to make bits of work around the craziness of doing up a home all at once. But amongst all the madness, a collaboration with a very old, very dear friend was born. Sean from Artframe solution, the one who started my journey into the art world and I decided to work on something new together! A while back, I had 144 antique watch faces framed for my own home. Sean posted it at the time on his social media pages and so many people loved it - the response was amazing! After seeing the response, we decided that framing a series of beautiful, found objects would be a great idea for a mini series. We actually created a second watch piece but it sold before I could even post about it on here! I will do another one soon. (But do get in touch if you would like to be put at the top of the waiting list.) The second piece in our mini series is here - "Float like a feather" in all it's colourful glory. Approximately 81 x 23 cm in length, framed in glass front and back, with two fixings each side so it can be hung from the wall. Special UV clarity glass has been used on the front to protect the wonderful colours of the feathers and stop light reflections obscuring the feathers. This piece is a mixture of jay, guinea fowl, pheasant, parrot and magpie feathers - all responsibly sourced - suspended in a gorgeous tumbling formation. I love the way the feathers cast shadows on the wall behind and it looks so different on each wall colour and surface I've tried it on. Glorious! This one off piece is priced at £295 plus postage - get in touch if you would like it to be yours. There will be a lot more coming in the following months, so make sure you are subscribed to my mailing list - I will be posting about these one of beauties first there! Catch up again soon, Jen x

  • Christmas cards... in August!

    Hello hello! I am back after a completely inconsistent amount of time - I told you this blog malarkey was going to be a hit and miss thing with me! I’ve been absolutely swamped getting works ready for an exhibition (more info about that here) painting Christmas cards - more on that below and super excitingly for me, we’ve had an offer accepted on our first home, so I’ve been getting lots of bits and pieces (a.k.a forms - yay) ready for our move. But back to the main part of today’s post though, Christmas. In August. Yes, yes crazy I know, but product ranges need to be prepared in advance and I’ve been getting together a quirky range of cards ready for this winter. I’ve done a mixture of painted pieces and digital drawings, but I am torn between the two. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments. I really got into writing again during lock down, making special letters to cheer up friends and family living near and far, I knew I needed to do my own range of cards this year. As Christmas is my favourite time of year, I knew my first range of cards had to be all about the best time of the year! I have so many happy memories of Christmas spent with my immediate family and more recently with both my family, my step dad’s family and my boyfriends family. I first got into designing Christmas cards at the age of 18, I created a quirky pug collection to raise money for an expedition to Oman that I went on. It was a brilliant experience and I had such wonderful feedback about the cards. These cards are a little different and I’ve gone for a bright and playful colour palette, with lots of quirky characters and animals, so there is something for everyone. So here are a couple of sneaky previews of me working on both the painted cards and the digital ones. These two are made digitally: This one I painted! Which style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments or on social media. Love, Jenny x

  • My Everest Project

    Hey, If you’re anything like me, my ideas tend to spiral out of control into large and grand visions incredibly quickly. What began as a lovely afternoon idly stitching a single fish, while meeting the ladies at my local West Country Embroidery club, has grown into a huge lockdown (and beyond) project. After the initial downhill dip in creativity I talked about in my last post, I had a brainwave about growing the finished beaded fish into a huge piece of artwork. Clapping for the NHS every week had inspired me - I loved hearing about all of the things that were suddenly happening in the community. People were talking to each other; being kind to each other, it was wonderful to witness. As I was spending lockdown in Cornwall, it made me start to think about another classic example of people risking their lives to save their community - the story behind Stargazy Pie. Originating from Mousehole, Stargazy Pie is a traditional Cornish dish. Pilchards stick out of the pie crust appearing to stare at the sky and therefore, the stars. Traditionally served on 23rd December it celebrates Tom Bawcock, a fisherman in the 16th century who saved his village from starvation by bravely going to sea in a storm and catching enough fish to feed them all. The story goes that the entire catch was then baked in one giant pie and the village was saved. After remembering the story, I immediately sketched out this circular design and began painstakingly beading from there. It has taken not days, but weeks now of meticulously hand-beading everything. I’ve used thousands of beads and countless metres of thread similar to fishing line, to sew it all together. I am starting to reach the stage where I can look at ordering the frame (circular frames are hard to find!) but this piece will be approximately 90cm in diameter. It’s going to be a real show stopper, especially for someone who is a complete magpie like me! Here are some examples of the finished beaded elements. Now the finish is in sight, I’ve had a second burst of energy to work on the project. Acorns turn into oak trees and it’s definitely been one of those projects. Stay tuned for more updates and the big reveal soon! Love, Jen x

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