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Welcome Aboard

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am so excited to finally share my different artistic pursuits with you. Those of you who have followed me from the start, will already be familiar with some of my textile pieces, but I now have a lot more to share!

My journey began as a textile artist back in 2015, when I enrolled on a textile degree course at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Starting the course was quite a learning curve, as it wasn’t until I had signed up that I realised I didn’t actually know how to use a sewing machine!

After a moment of panic, I began practising and created my first textile artwork as a gift for my Mum’s birthday. After seeing it, my local framer asked me to produce more work for him to sell in his gallery. That piece was “Sitting Pretty”, and since then, I haven’t stopped making!

While studying, I set up my first business, Jenny Evans Designs and begun to sell my textile artwork at exhibitions and galleries, leading to me being awarded the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award. After graduating with first class honours, I stayed in Cardiff for a while before returning to my home town of Plymouth.

I discovered a passion for printmaking at the start of this year. The marks I’ve been able to create with this new found, incredibly broad medium, have been immensely exciting for me and has unearthed a whole new realm of possibilities!

This site is probably slightly unusual in the fact that I have shared so many different styles of my work here, but the overarching theme of it all is my life long love of nature. It brings me so much pleasure, and that’s what I think artwork should be about - expressing your personality, evoking wonderful memories and just bringing you joy. So, I decided not to rein in the styles and mediums and just share with you everything that sparks my creativity.

I hope that there’s something for everyone here. I’ve worked hard with my talented local printer and framer to deliver the best quality limited edition prints and original artworks at a variety of price points. Art is for all and I’ve tried to make it that way on my own website, while also not compromising on quality. If looked after well, all of my pieces are designed to last a life time - the thought of which makes me immensely happy. To think of my work hanging on walls and bringing smiles is a wonderful thing.

Enjoy the shop and make sure to follow along with the journey on social media, here on the blog or on my mailing list.

There is SO much more to come. (Lockdown has been busy!)


Jen x

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