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Christmas cards... in August!

Hello hello!

I am back after a completely inconsistent amount of time - I told you this blog malarkey was going to be a hit and miss thing with me!

I’ve been absolutely swamped getting works ready for an exhibition (more info about that here) painting Christmas cards - more on that below and super excitingly for me, we’ve had an offer accepted on our first home, so I’ve been getting lots of bits and pieces (a.k.a forms - yay) ready for our move.

But back to the main part of today’s post though, Christmas. In August. Yes, yes crazy I know, but product ranges need to be prepared in advance and I’ve been getting together a quirky range of cards ready for this winter. I’ve done a mixture of painted pieces and digital drawings, but I am torn between the two. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

I really got into writing again during lock down, making special letters to cheer up friends and family living near and far, I knew I needed to do my own range of cards this year. As Christmas is my favourite time of year, I knew my first range of cards had to be all about the best time of the year! I have so many happy memories of Christmas spent with my immediate family and more recently with both my family, my step dad’s family and my boyfriends family.

I first got into designing Christmas cards at the age of 18, I created a quirky pug collection to raise money for an expedition to Oman that I went on. It was a brilliant experience and I had such wonderful feedback about the cards.

These cards are a little different and I’ve gone for a bright and playful colour palette, with lots of quirky characters and animals, so there is something for everyone.

So here are a couple of sneaky previews of me working on both the painted cards and the digital ones.

These two are made digitally:

This one I painted!

Which style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

Love, Jenny x

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